Your start into working life

Next-Generation IT seeks the Next IT Generation
You want to become an IT specialist?
You want to obtain your IHK degree in only 2 years?
Your heart beats for learning modern technologies and programming languages?
You would like to experience teamwork across companies?
Then our training concept is just right for you!

Our training concept

Trainees in cooperation learn together!

The training cooperation brings together trainees from different companies in different industries. Trainees from all fields of study learn together in the seminars of the DXC Academy. Our many years of experience from our dual program have shown that this is a significant success factor for the future of the prospective IT specialists, because many contents are interdisciplinary. The trainees not only learn in their companies, in the vocational school and in the seminars, but also from each other through the exchange of experience within the group.

Procedure of a regular training

The vocational school teaches the general theoretical basics.
The training company is responsible for teaching the company-specific contents in theory and practice.
1st year
2nd year
3rd year

Procedure of the dual training of the training cooperation

The DXC Academy takes over a part of the theoretical and practical training.
The training period is reduced to 2 years without loss of content.
1st year
2nd year

Vocational school phases

Apprentices of the cooperation attend joint classes in the vocational school.
The DXC Academy works in close contact with the vocational schools.

Seminar phases

Learning together in seminars, which are coordinated by the DXC Academy From special topics in the area of application development and system integration to project management and soft skills, the seminars cover everything that is needed in later professional life and to pass the IHK examination. The seminars are specially tailored to the needs of the training companies and the requirements of the current market.

Practice phases

The practical phases take place in the respective training company.

Titelbild Highlights der Ausbildung

Highlights of the education

The DXC Academy accompanies and supports the trainees during their training.

And not only by own seminars, kick-offs and feedbacks, but also by special events!

Titelbild Teamtraining

team training

The trainees grow together as a team during their training.

Teambuilding, an important part of the training for the prospective IT specialists. Practical experience in teamwork is necessary for further development. Through active learning in group work and joint experience, further course is set for the step into a successful professional life.

Team exercise Flying Egg
Group projects

In team training lasting several days, they learn what effects the lack of important success factors has. In the process, the trainees receive feedback on their behavior and impact. This enables them to compare their self-image with that of others through reflection. To create great memories for our trainees, we look for new challenges and locations around team development year after year.

Titelbild Netzwerktreffen

Network meeting

One highlight of the year: Our network meeting.

The network meeting brings together trainees, training officers and managers from all companies involved in training cooperation, project managers and trainers from locations throughout Germany. This is where we hold the finals of the Academy Apprenticeship Award.

A warm welcome
A delicious buffet contributes to networking.

The network meeting is a great opportunity for everyone to present themselves, but also offers the chance to network and get to know the partners and trainees within the cooperation better.

Titelbild Messebesuch

Visit to the fair

In the course of the first year of training, the trainees are given a research assignment to find a topic at the cutting edge of technology and to question and test it thoroughly. The results are presented to a jury in the form of a competition, the Academy Apprenticeship Award.

Projektleiter Duale Ausbildung Cebit
Project Manager Dual Training Cebit
Stand der DXC Technology auf der CeBIT
Exhibition booth of DXC Technology

Together with their project managers and the companies' training officers, the prospective IT specialists visit an IT trade fair. There they have the additional task of making contact with various companies, finding out about innovative topics and getting to know the latest IT trends.

Titelbild Vorteile auf einen Blick

Your advantages at a glance

Many factors speak for the training as an IT specialist with the DXC Academy

Completion of initial training after two years
Teaching of theory and practice in blocks of several weeks
Processing of the school education in close cooperation with the vocational school, e.g. by forming complete classes
vocational school, e.g. by forming complete classes Supplementing the school curriculum with practice-oriented seminars, workshops and project simulations
Flexible adaptation of training content to customers and market needs for each year and location
Selective applicant selection procedure
Training in a training cooperation
Titelbild Anforderungen

Requirements for applicants

The requirements for applicants for education as IT specialists are high

Team spirit
Abitur or vocational baccalaureate
Readiness to travel
Interest in Next Generation IT
High Abstraction Capability
Strong communication skills