Titelbild Netzwerktreffen 2016

Network meeting 2016

„And the winner is…“

On 22.04.2016 it was time again:

About 100 trainees from 3 training locations, instructors, project managers and trainers came together for the annual network meeting of the CSC Academy in Wiesbaden. Besides CSC, other companies of our training cooperation were also represented.

In the run-up to the CEBIT, the trainees researched and prepared interesting and future-oriented IT topics and submitted them as presentations for the network meeting. An expert jury consisting of trainers from the various companies then nominated 5 contributions for the network meeting.

Nominierte Themen
Nominierte Themen

Among them were the topics

Cloud security

Internet of things

Wearables in the business world

Mobile payment

Reactive blocks

Agenda of the day

These were then presented in front of the expert audience. In the eyes of the jury, the best presentation this year came from the trainees from Cologne on the subject of "Internet of Things".

The trainees were happy to receive a cup and a voucher. The company was even so proud of winning this year's Academy Apprenticeship Award that they reported on it company-wide.

The evening ended with good food, exciting discussions, communicative games and cool drinks.