Research assignment 2020

Research assignment 2020

Trainees looking for the next-gen IT topic of the year
Once again, our training cooperation trainees were researching interesting and innovative topics.

The research assignment was to "find the IT trend of the year".
Trainees from all training locations were able to submit a topic from the IT world and then present it.
We had to cancel the annual trip to the fair due to the Corona pandemic, but there were no limits to creativity.

Here’s a selection of this year’s topics:
Logo GraphQL

Quantum computer

Logo Docker

IT challenges

War for Talents

Workplace of the future
Logo Kubernetes

Augmented Reality

The future of mankind

Energy Solutions

Renewable energy
Logo Google Cloud

Cloud Computing

Logo VMware on AWS
Logo Azure

New ways of connectivity

Wifi 6 and 5G
Logo LiFi

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