Titleimage Network meeting 2023

Network meeting 2023

Trainees in search of the IT topic of the year

Let the Network meeting begin

Characterized by motivated young people and exciting IT topics, the network meeting is the annual highlight of the training program. To this end, the trainees from all locations of the training cooperation come together every year to network and celebrate the winner of the IT theme of the year at the end of the day.

Die Reihenfolge der Vorträge wird ausgelost
The order of the presentations will be drawn by lot

Die Themen des Jahres
Topics of the year

The trainees are given the task of finding a forward-looking IT topic in groups, preparing it and presenting it at their location. An expert jury consisting of trainers from the various companies then nominated the 5 most innovative and interesting contributions for the network meeting. The groups nominated in advance can then present their topic to an expert audience at the network meeting itself. At the end of the day, the winner will be honored with the "DXC Academy Apprenticeship Awards" and the networking event will come to an end with good conversation and a delicious meal.

Topics of the year 2023

Quo vadis

Deep Fake

No Code/Low Code

Green IT


This year with a view of the skyline

The location of the network meeting changes from year to year, so that each location gets a turn. This year, the network meeting took place in Frankfurt, where the OutOfOffice offered a beautiful view of the Frankfurt skyline. In addition to the trainees from the location in the Rhein-Main region, the other trainees from the Hamburg and Cologne/Bonn locations also traveled to the event.

Bick auf die Skyline
View from the OutOfOffice
Essen auf dem Netzwerktreffen
Something tasty to finish off with some networking

And the winner is....

Of course, our jury also took a close look at the presentations this year and chose the following entry as the winner:

"Quo vadis Softwaredevelopment?"

The "Academy Apprenticeship Awards" therefore went to Cologne/Bonn this year. Of course, the winner also received a trophy and a prize to celebrate her great performance.

DXC Academy sagt Danke
We say thank you and are already looking forward to next year!