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Soft Skills

It’s about the people

Think about the challenges you faced in your last project:

  • Did people talk more about each other behind backs instead of talking to each other?
  • Did you go in circles before deciding on something?
  • Did you think, everyone was on board? When in fact, they were planning a mutiny?
The reason could be that even if the right project management methods were implemented, soft skills and the team as such were neglected.

We believe that there is a tendency to underestimate the impact of soft skills on project success.

Make a change!

People are shaped by their subjective perception. The idea of an "objective reality" is misleading. Understanding this helps us to successfully work together.

Vernetzte Welt
Text Communication

"The wolrd is turning - and we are in the middle of it!"

Often, we have little time for analysis and reflexion of our own behaviour.

But why?

Whether in traditional or agile project management, we usually take the time to analyse and review project milestones. But we seem to neglect the fact that people are also an important factor for successfully mastering transformations.

We experience this on a personal level, when we are more attentive to ourselves in our professional life, when we present our own ideas successfully or when we facilitate workshops and meetings even more efficiently.

It’s also apparent on a team level when we want to successfully lead a team in the digital age.

And across the company, when we seek to support employees when going through changes.

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Nathalie Schulz

Nathalie Schulz

Trainerin & Coach

Probleme kann man niemals mit derselben Denkweise lösen, durch die sie entstanden sind.

~Albert Einstein

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Marie Pötter

Marie Pötter

Head of DXC Academy

If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

~Philip Rosenthal