titleimage You know the way, we take care of the goal

Managed Training Services

You know the way, we take care of the goal

We take care of personnel development processes and training and provide supporting information technology.

Problem solution should not be approached as a one-size-fits-all method.
We provide a bespoke training course to meet your specific requirements.

We work with you to determine your needs and design a training course specifically tailored to meet your objectives.

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What are you looking for?

The following questions help determine your needs:

Which services and service levels support you best?
How do responsibilities within processes collude?
How do you wish the implementation of the changes to be accompanied (communication / marketing concept)?

The desired benefits of perceived professionalisation and cost flexibility can only be realised if modules collude sensibly.
We offer

We offer

You choose the right tools; we take care of the rest...
We offer to take over the personnel development process for defined service areas.

This includes

Qualification advice for managers and employees,
the implementation of training needs analyses,
the initiation of necessary training measures,
the organisation of individual qualification measures,
the placement of trainers,,
or support for employee interviews, e.g. by documenting individual qualification plans.

Handing over your processes to our team as part of Business Process Outsourcing is possible.
We are also happy to assist you as a (project) employee in your HR department.

titleimage service portfolio

Our service portfolio

Training and participant management

Booking of speakers and trainers

Event management and event coordination

Participant communication management

Registration of returns and editing of the participant lists

Provision of event documents

Creation of online portals for your internal trainings (including support)

Evaluation of training and qualification measures

Sales and marketing support

Event management

Conception, planning, organisation, implementation

Hotel and location management (selection and booking of suitable premises)

Organisation of additional activities (incentives), such as evening events, to give your event a personal signature

Management and control of all participating service providers


Processing and mapping of financial flows



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Our Team

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Andrea Humbert

Andrea Humbert

Managed Training Services

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~Wilhelm von Humboldt

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Anton Schimmelpfennig

Anton Schimmelpfennig

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Managed Training Services

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~Albert Einstein

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Natassia Wenzel

Natassia Wenzel

Managed Training Services

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