Establishment of new procedures in the sale of digitalization products

As an extension of the product portfolio, the customer offers digitization products for the modernization of traditional communication channels for business and private customers.
The first step for sales staff is to generate demand for digitalization products among customers. To this end, they should be given methods and tools to clearly describe the benefits of the digitalization products to the customer. The key here is to move away from being a pure "salesperson" and establish the mind-set of a trusted advisor at eye level.

The DXC Academy team designed training courses to teach the mindset and the Business Analysis methodology.
The first building block involves teaching and acquiring new business analysis methods for the role and mindset of a trustworthy consultant at eye level when dealing with customers. Daneben gab es das vertiefende Angebot von agilen Seminaren wie Design Thinking und Kanban. The second module focused on applying the methodology by simulating discussions and workshops as role plays. Particular emphasis was placed on reflecting on the observations.

Joint approach and uniform approach to customers within the area of digitalization products
The sales employees have further developed their own role model, can argue the benefits of digitalization products to customers, use agile approaches to initiate and implement projects and thus also increase the company's sales in the long term.