PMP® Exam Prep, Ninth Edition—Audio Book (Abridged)

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Study While You Drive, Fly, Walk, or Work. Copy and Sync to Your Favorite Audio Device! Over the course of this 20+ hour audio CD set, students will be taken through the most critical concepts in RMC's best-selling PMP® Exam Prep guide. This audiobook includes:
  • Getting ready to take the PMP® exam
  • Types of questions on the exam and what you really need to know to pass
  • Tricks of the Trade®
  • Proven study techniques
  • Straightforward approach to material
  • Real-world stories and examples


This audio book is being sold as an 'abridged' book due to the fact that certain concepts, exercises and exam questions cannot be properly reviewed and delivered in an audio format. Therefore, this audio book should be purchased as a supplement to the book PMP® Exam Prep, and not as a replacement.

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