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ServiceNow Fundamentals

Thema: Next Generation Skills

This training is designed for users with various organizational roles who are expected to work within the ServiceNow platform.

  • ServiceNow user interface
  • platform database schema
  • uses for commonly accessed applications
  • introduction to advanced features and functionality, such as scripting and application development  

Virtual session (Headset and Skype are mandatory)

The fee includes 300 € for the eBook from Service Now (books are mandatory). 
Access will be granted prior to the training.
Instances for the training will be ordered by the trainer, access will be granted prior to the training

Associated with the subsequent completion of this course there is a certification exam 'Certified System Administrator' which demonstrates the domain of ServiceNow fundamentals and certifies that a candidate has the essential skills and knowledge necessary for the administration and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform.

The certification isn’t part of the course, it just prepares you for working with ServiceNow as Administrator. It’s recommended that you work for minimum 4-6 month actively in ServiceNow projects before going to the exam. 
The exam will have additional costs of around $150 that directly have to be paid to ServiceNow with credit card.

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